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May. 7th, 2008

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Funniest Feud ever... !!

yes, funnier than Kimmel vs Damon... Colbert vs Rain! 

"Rain, I'm gonna be all over you like an egg on a bowl of Bibimbap!"







Feb. 1st, 2008

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Funniest shit ever.... Jimmy Kimmel vs Matt Damon

Oct. 5th, 2007

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(no subject)

Me:  i want some corean food
Korean Girl: how come u spell korean w/ a C?
Me:  you sure you want to know?
Korean Girl: why not?
Me: well... up until 1910, before the japanese occupation of Corea, it's spelled with a C... popular belief is that the japanese changed it from a C to a K, so that Korea is alphabetically behind Japan (now Koreans would have to walk behind the Japanese in olympic ceramonies and such). This might be a myth, but people that respect Corea's history or pro-old-unified Corea like to spell it with a C. Also, in latin based languages the 'k' sound followed by a hard vowel (A,O, or U) is usually spelled with a C (like in canada, cuba, congo, corea, etc)... K is usually used when its followed by a soft vowel (E or I) like Kenya. Therefore, Corea with a C makes more sense... are you enlightened or sorry you asked?
Korean Girl: ttyl

Aug. 12th, 2007

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(no subject)

 Random Clubbing Pics

Aug. 7th, 2007

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I be pimp'n....

havent really pimped any music since Muse and Killers in 2004. Since then, both bands has risen to become two of the biggest bands in the world. Well, here are couple more bands worth pimping...

The Editors

Been listening to them nonstop recently. After their awesome debut album came out in 2005, many dubbed them as an "Interpol-clone". Even then, I thought they might be better than Interpol. Their second album came out last month and confirmed this. The new album is quite different from their first while still rocking their unique electric guitar sound.

Editors - Munich
  - their first hit
Editors - Blood  - another one of my fav from the first album
Editors - Smokers outside the hospital door - first single from new album
Editors - An end has a start - title track and another standout from new album


When grunge and punk were starting to lose their grip on the radio airwaves in 2004, the Killers were the first band to bring back the retro synth/electronic sound to the radio. Shortly after, the Bravery came out. The Killer's lead singer, Brandon Flowers (by all accounts, not a nice guy) felt threaten by the Bravery and quickly attacked them aying they copy the Killer's looks and sound and started a bitter freud. I truely believe the two Bravery albums are as good as the two Killers albums. However, the killers skyrockets in popularity while the Bravery still played in high school gyms and bamistfas (ok, i'm totally exagerating). Recently, Brandon Flowers call the Bravery and apologized for starting the freud saying he was jealous of them.

Bravery - Honest mistake
Bravery - Time won't let me go

Muse, Editors, Bravery... all three bands in So Cal within 10 days of each other!! woohooo~

Snow Patrol - Greek (Jul 23)

Linkin Park/My Chemical Romance - Hyundai Pavillion (Jul 28)

Bravery - Wiltern (Sep 14)

White Stripes - Forum (Sep 19)

MUSE - Irvine Ampitheatre (Sep 21)

Editors - Wiltern (Sep 24)

Arctic Monkeys – Palladium (Sep 25)

She Wants Revenge - Glasshouse (Oct 5)

CURE - Hollywood Bowl (Oct 14)

Interpol – Forum (Oct 23)

Jul. 20th, 2007

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steve jobs vs steve jobs

Jul. 12th, 2007

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new wheels

only in the 626... this darn car was in front of me slowing down traffic... darn FOBs...

Speaking of "New Drives".. got my new wheels yesterday... Navi, 6GB Music Server, Bluetooth, Magnesium paddle shifters, etc. yay~

The 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

Jul. 8th, 2007

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(no subject)

I was pulling out of parking space as i was leaving the santa anita mall, i looked over and saw this family walking toward the mall. It was a dad and three kids. The oldest boy, who looked around 10, leans over and throws a close fist punch at his youngest sister, who looked around 7. Of course, she instantly starts crying. The father, who looked like one of those very nice wussy guys, walks over with a consoling/helpless smile and comforts the girl. The boy was obviously upset about something and was walking off to the side with his head down. Then the dad goes over with the same consoling/helpless smile and trys to comfort the boy. I didnt know what prompted it, but I drove over with my windows rolled down and was ready to shout at the boy cuz a guy should never throw a close fist punch at a girl. Then i saw the boy teary eyed and figured he felt very guilty so I refrained from chewing him out. How can the father let something like this happen in the first place? How could he not punish the boy for this kind of behavior?

I think this is why many girls dont like the "nice guy" type. Often they dont take control in these situations. They always let things go and dont earn the respect of others. Is my assessment correct?

Jun. 6th, 2007

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over-rated!!! over-rated!!!

During this morning's KROQ morning show, one of the morning show staff refered to Angelina Jolie as "fugly"... everyone else on the show totally thought he was crazy... this led to a call-in segment where people named female celebs that they do not think is hot at all even though everyone else thinks they are hot.. So callers called in and named their own overrated celebs... cameron, gweneth, etc.. someone even said jessica alba!! of course, everyone on the show got all worked up over that one and told the caller to go drink some acid...

So just for fun, here is my top 5 female celebs that everyone else like, but I think is fugly.

5. Claudia schiefer
4. Denise Richards
3. Katie Holmes
2. Thandie Newton
1. Sandra Bullock

Honorable mentions: Angelina Jolie, Kierstin Dunst, Tyra Banks

Note: Judgement is made base on their prime. (cuz someone suggested Sarah Jessica Parker. She was quite hot during her prime about 20 years ago)

any contradictions? other suggestions?

May. 14th, 2007

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Reunited and it feels so good

A month ago, I lost my $350 Sony K800 cell phone (3.2 MP Cybershot-with-auto-xenon-flash) on my way to clubbing at Garden of Eden. Before I even went inside the club, I realised I didnt have my phone. I was pretty sure I left it in my friend's car. So after clubbing, I went back to his car and spend 15 minutes combing through his car while calling it with another phone.. I couldnt find it and I can't hear it ring, so i figured i probably lost it somewhere outside his car and its gone for good.. maybe it had fell out when i opened the car door somewhere else.. I went ahead and got a replacement SIM, while borrowing my cousin's old cell fone... I even bidded $250 on ebay for the same fone, but didnt win...

So last nite, I got my fone back!! It turns out that it fell into my friend's shoes that were by my feet and he put the shoes into the trunk even before we went into the club.. so thats why later that nite I could not find it or hear it ringing. arrgh.. cant believe it took him 4 weeks to look inside his shoes... well, just happy to have my 3.2 MP Cybershot-with-auto-xenon-flash cell phone back... yay~

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