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Reunited and it feels so good

A month ago, I lost my $350 Sony K800 cell phone (3.2 MP Cybershot-with-auto-xenon-flash) on my way to clubbing at Garden of Eden. Before I even went inside the club, I realised I didnt have my phone. I was pretty sure I left it in my friend's car. So after clubbing, I went back to his car and spend 15 minutes combing through his car while calling it with another phone.. I couldnt find it and I can't hear it ring, so i figured i probably lost it somewhere outside his car and its gone for good.. maybe it had fell out when i opened the car door somewhere else.. I went ahead and got a replacement SIM, while borrowing my cousin's old cell fone... I even bidded $250 on ebay for the same fone, but didnt win...

So last nite, I got my fone back!! It turns out that it fell into my friend's shoes that were by my feet and he put the shoes into the trunk even before we went into the club.. so thats why later that nite I could not find it or hear it ringing. arrgh.. cant believe it took him 4 weeks to look inside his shoes... well, just happy to have my 3.2 MP Cybershot-with-auto-xenon-flash cell phone back... yay~


D'Peach Mode

May 2008

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