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I be pimp'n....

havent really pimped any music since Muse and Killers in 2004. Since then, both bands has risen to become two of the biggest bands in the world. Well, here are couple more bands worth pimping...

The Editors

Been listening to them nonstop recently. After their awesome debut album came out in 2005, many dubbed them as an "Interpol-clone". Even then, I thought they might be better than Interpol. Their second album came out last month and confirmed this. The new album is quite different from their first while still rocking their unique electric guitar sound.

Editors - Munich
  - their first hit
Editors - Blood  - another one of my fav from the first album
Editors - Smokers outside the hospital door - first single from new album
Editors - An end has a start - title track and another standout from new album


When grunge and punk were starting to lose their grip on the radio airwaves in 2004, the Killers were the first band to bring back the retro synth/electronic sound to the radio. Shortly after, the Bravery came out. The Killer's lead singer, Brandon Flowers (by all accounts, not a nice guy) felt threaten by the Bravery and quickly attacked them aying they copy the Killer's looks and sound and started a bitter freud. I truely believe the two Bravery albums are as good as the two Killers albums. However, the killers skyrockets in popularity while the Bravery still played in high school gyms and bamistfas (ok, i'm totally exagerating). Recently, Brandon Flowers call the Bravery and apologized for starting the freud saying he was jealous of them.

Bravery - Honest mistake
Bravery - Time won't let me go

Muse, Editors, Bravery... all three bands in So Cal within 10 days of each other!! woohooo~

Snow Patrol - Greek (Jul 23)

Linkin Park/My Chemical Romance - Hyundai Pavillion (Jul 28)

Bravery - Wiltern (Sep 14)

White Stripes - Forum (Sep 19)

MUSE - Irvine Ampitheatre (Sep 21)

Editors - Wiltern (Sep 24)

Arctic Monkeys – Palladium (Sep 25)

She Wants Revenge - Glasshouse (Oct 5)

CURE - Hollywood Bowl (Oct 14)

Interpol – Forum (Oct 23)


D'Peach Mode

May 2008

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