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May. 11th, 2007

D'Peach Mode

(no subject)

My office building just had a blackout... lost all my work i did in the morning!... oh wait, i didnt do any work.. yay to slacking off on a Friday~

Feb. 8th, 2007

D'Peach Mode

(no subject)

yeah, I have a history of premature ejaculation. No~! It's not what you think. I'm talking about my stock trading discipline!! Three weeks ago, I bought a Chinese solar energy stock (TSL) at $19.30 and sold it a week later at $21.00. That's a 9% profit in one week. Not bad. But if I didnt sell and held on two more weeks (which is today!), it would be 92% profit. Arrghhh...


this reminds me of my ultimate blunder in 1999. I put about $600 in a small stock call E-Digital (EDIG) at $.22 a share. A week later, it shot up to $.55 a share and I sold it for about a $1000 gain. Pretty good for a $600 investment. However, if I held on 5 more weeks, it would be at $3.50 per share and I would have made $9000 in profit. If I held 5 more months, it would be at $22.00 per share and I would have made over $60,000 in profits on my $600 investment. ARRGH! I know I would have never held the stock to the high of $22 per share, but I wish I did better. With the potential of making $60,000, I only made $1000 (which was still the most profit I've made in any stock, lol)


funny how it dropped all the way back down since then.. ahhh, how i miss the good 'ol tech boom days where wall street was paved with gold.. *sigh*

Currently holding on to ACH (Chinese aluminum), RIO (Brazillian metal/minning), MPEL (Chinese/Macau casinos). Hope these can do take off soon like TSL did. If so, no more premature ejaculation!

Feb. 7th, 2007

D'Peach Mode

wheel! ..of! ..fortune!


Jan. 26th, 2007

D'Peach Mode

(no subject)

I've been at my job for 13 months now. I've not missed a single day of work, neither sick nor vacation days. I feel tired and don't want to work anymore. I'm having thoughts about leaving. So I'm weighing the pro's and con's of my job.

Reasons I want to leave my job:

3) Salary: since the company has been losing hundreds of millions of dollars per year, the pay is relatively low. I pretty sure by now, I'm in the bottom 1 percentile in terms of annual compensation among my MBA classmates, despite that I believe I'm in the top half among my class in terms of abilities and experience. Money has never been that important to me, but the gap is getting too big.

2) Colleagues: I'm OK with my coworkers. It's just that there isn't anyone I can relate to on a personal level. Almost everyone there is married with children. Casual conversations at the office usually involves families and pets. At my previous work as a consultant, I had coworkers who I can talk with about subjects that I'm interested in - sports, weekend partying, and of course, the pursuit of loose women. =)

1) Commute: It takes me just under an hour to get to work and over an hour to go home. I lose more than two hours of my life every work day stuck in traffic. It gets draining after a while. I wish I can use that time to go to the Gym or something.

Reasons why I want to stay at my job:

3) Managers: My superiors/bosses, from my immediate supervisor to the CFO of the company, are all very nice and fair. I enjoy working for them on a professional level.

2) Internet freedom: Some of my friends are not allowed to surf the net or IM at work. I dont know how they can survive at work like that. The net is like a window to the outside world, thus I don't feel like I'm trapped inside a labor cellar. I can track my stocks, manage my fantasy sports teams, read journals, page-hop on friendster/myspace, shop online, read the news, play games, and of course chat with friends. It's hard to put a monetary value on it, but internet freedom at work is worth at least $10K per year to me.

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Jan. 17th, 2007


(no subject)

Dear World Famous KROQ,

Please do not overplay Muse's new song Starlight. Thank you.


Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Muse, greatest Band in all of music right now, is coming back to Cali in April. Presale this Thurs. Lemme know if you need presale password.

Damn, I want to see them in Hong Kong next month.

Jan. 1st, 2007

D'Peach Mode

(no subject)

Like most people I know, I was at a house party for NYE. Only difference is that it's my own house and I'm the only guest. lol.

Darn it, my laptop decided to not work anymore and I lost everything on it. I lost all my files, music, personal records, porn (nooooooo, not the porrrrrrn~)..

2006 was the best year in music since 2003. So many great new albums, thus I have to extend it to top 15 songs of the year. Fortunately, I've been sending music to my online friends and was able to get some of the songs back to share with you.

My Top 15 Songs of 2006

15. Invincible - Muse
an overlooked song from the best band in all of music.
14. Madi Don't Leave - PlayRadioPlay
13. Is it Any Wonder - Keane
12. Empire - Kasabian
10. Eurydice - Sleepthief
Evanescence/Enya voice, but with electronic background music. I I'll try to upload this when I get a new laptop
10. All Sparks - Editors
09. Nothing in My Way - Keane
08. Take a Bow - Muse
07. Map of the Problematique - Muse
06. Blood - The Editors
They sound like a funner and pop-ier version of Interpol
05. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
I like this song more before they started overplaying it on the radio
03. Starlight - Muse
03. Read My Mind - Killers
02. Decipher Reflections - PlayRadioPlay
Sounds just like Postal Service, ladies. This teenager exploded onto the music scene by getting popular on myspace.
01. Knights of Cyndonia - Muse
same note as Chasing Cars

Nov. 24th, 2006


waste of time

so i got up at 6 am today.. hit up 4 malls and all i got was a lemonade from hot dog on a stick... unless you camp out for the promotional items at like best buy or something, back friday is a waste of time.. as someone who goes to the mall every week, i see similar sale prices ocasionnaly throughout the year..

note to self: when shopping at upscale apparel stores, do not walk around with one earphone in the ear.. "excuse me, do you have these in extra large? (gave her a weird look).. ooooh you dont work here? cuz you have one earphone in your ear".... of course, this is not as bad when I wore red polo with white pants when shopping at Target.

Nov. 13th, 2006

D'Peach Mode

smell of success...

I'm shopping for a new cologne... ladies, I need recommendations? which colognes makes you hot and bothered? lol... I've been asking around... Izzy Miyake, BLV, and Chrome are the top responses thus far... Curve, Hugo Boss, and Old school Escape were mentioned as well...

Oct. 22nd, 2006

D'Peach Mode

(no subject)

My new Sony Ericsson K800i rocks!

- 3.2 Megapixel Cybershot with auto focus and xenon autoflash!
- what sold me on it was it's HDTV-esque display, the graphics and text is super vivid and sharp.
- and of course it has all the other basic features like FM radio, infrared/bluetooth, MP3 player/ringtone, expandable memory slot, etc.

Here are couple pics I took with my cell phone.

Taken under the sun, picture of my Ralliart.

Taken with the autoflash, a picture of the Longan "dragon-eye" tree in my backyard (btw, fresh Longan is so friggin good!)

Sep. 24th, 2006

D'Peach Mode

s'up Player...

LJ entry from 2003 - Player with a Conscience?

one of my friends is the epitome of a playa..

last month

after spending a nite with some girl he met at Q's, he tells me: "damn, whats wrong with me?.. i'm starting to have a conscience.. i actually feel kinda bad... she's a good girl.. I think she had tears in her eyes last nite cuz it was her first one-nite-stand.. while i was sleeping, she was covering me with a blanket and making sure I wasn't cold.. she made sure the alarm went off so i won't be late to work the next morning.. and as she walked me to my car 6 in the morning, she had a melancholy look on her face cuz she knows she probably won't see me again.. man, i feel like shit..."

last week

him: s'up nigga, I think I've found the perfect girl
me: really?
him: she likes to mess around, she never calls, and she never ask questions..
me: does she charge by the hour?
him: i'm serious, foo!..

LJ entry from 2003 - Poker-Player meets Poke-Her-Playa

another IM conversation with my Playa friend...

Him: hey guess who i saw at Century Club
Me: lots o' bitches and hoes?
Him: Scotty Nguyen
Me: the famous gambler?
Him: yea, i talked to him for like 30 minutes
Me: about what
Him: girls and money and poker
Him: he was cool
Me: interesting stories?
Him: naw, he had no game
Him: besides poker
Me: he gave you any advice?
Him: no i gave him some
Me: about girls?
Him: i told him he needs to flash his money for these hoes
Me: thats funny.. who was he with?
Him: no one.. he had his chains on and his cirlce sunglasses
Him: he hella liked us
Him: he bought me a cognac
Me: nice.. so what was he doing there?
Him: trying to get some pussy
Him: he tried to talk to my girl
Him: and i was like pumping him up to her
Him: i told her: 'he is so rich and famous, u better fuck him tonight'
Him: but she still wasnt feeling him

Current entry- Words of wisdom

recently, he broke up with his GF of two years cuz she kept catching him with other women.. feeling a bit down, he says to me...

"you know, in the end it's all about finding that one special girl that you can cherish and love.. thats the only way to fill the emptiness.. I mean, I just fucked three girls in one day and I still feel depressed..."

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